Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Husband of the Year

At Sublime Bakery we like to say "we make life sweet". It's more than our tagline, it's really the underlying philosophy for everything we do here. Every now and then a client will redefine the whole idea of "sweet" for us. Well, this is just the sweetest thing you'll hear all day, I guarantee it.

So, about two weeks ago I get this email from a prospective client, asking if we can do a gluten free cake for he and his wife's anniversary that's coming up in a week. Since the wedding they have discovered that she has a gluten allergy so they can't eat the top tier of their cake that they saved for the occasion. He wants to surprise her with an anniversary cake that won't make her sick. He's thrilled to have found a natural bakery that does gluten free cakes and is so grateful (and totally polite I might add) that we can take his order. Already I'm thinking that he's a contender for Husband of the Year, but here's the kicker... he lives in Lubbock and is going to drive into Fort Worth just to pick up the cake! That's a TEN HOUR ROUND TRIP!!!!!! Seriously! If that's not sweet then I don't know what is!

Well, we were all just thrilled to be in on the surprise, and were so delighted to meet Jeremy when he came to pick up his cake. He was as sweet and polite in person as he was in his email.
The picture above is of Jeremy and his gorgeous bride on their wedding day. We recreated the look of the top tier with a fondant band and sugar flowers on top of our gluten free cake (see photo below).

Thanks Jeremy, you made our day sweet! We hope to see you again next year!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Recent Custom Cakes

Making sugar shoes is one of my favorite things!!

LOVE this arrangement of the Pink Ruffles purse with the Black Zebra Stiletto heels.

This super cute m&m themed birthday cake was for three sisters, ages 1, 3, and 5, and was the topper for a cupcake tower display

These fab French-style cakes were created for a photo shoot last weekend. The shoot had a Marie Antoinette theme and was shot in a Fort Worth home with period Louis XIV furnishings!

Thank you to Perez Photography in Dallas for providing us with this gorgeous shot of a recent wedding cake. www.perezweddings.com


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Recent Custom Cakes

Buttercream-iced Bride's cake with delicate piped detailing and Gold over-painting

Texas Tech Groom's Cake

Our "Petal" Buttercream finish with Pale Pink Sugar Roses

Panda Groom's Cheesecake

"Uniced" Bride's Cake with Sugar Roses

"Brushed" Buttercream finish with hand-painted sugar orchids

3-D Chateau d'Yquem Wine Bottle

3-D Custom Guitar Cake (brownies, actually!)

Blue Sugar Blossoms and bow on a buttercream-iced Bride's cake