Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Bogart" the Hobart Arrives

Unless you, too, are a pastry chef and cake designer who owns their own business, and you have just spent 3 weeks trying to meet peak wedding season orders without a commercial mixer, you'll probably not appreciate this post. You may even think I'm being "overly dramatic" here.

I'll not go into the sordid details of the past 3 weeks of drama surrounding our "other" mixer (manufacturer to remain unnamed), I will instead focus on the positive:

(drum roll, please) the Hobart arrived today!! "Hobart?" you say. I know, unless you're in the biz, the name is meaningless. Let me just tell all of you uninitiated souls that Hobart is the gold standard. The Rolls Royce of mixers. The Ultimate. The One. Worthy of a special pet name, no doubt. While most of the "things" in the bakery have feminine names ("Bertha", "Brigitte"), I felt that the mixer, the "muscle" of our operation, deserved a masculine name.

Meet "Bogart" the Hobart.

"Bogart", in front of his new home, still swaddled and on his palette.

Making his grand entrance.

Meeting Mama.

Purring for the first time.

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