Monday, September 1, 2008

Biodegradable Containers

We're a little Green at Sublime. The photo above shows one of our corn "plastic" containers. We get these from a fab company out of Boulder Colorado, ECO PRODUCTS. Don't ask me how they make these things out of corn, just be glad someone is doing it. The containers look and function like petroleum-based plastic (except that they melt at 140 degrees) but they are made from corn and are 100% BIODEGRADABLE. We pack our cafe salads as well as our pastry case goodies into these babies. We also use sugarcane plates instead of paper ones, and our coffee cups and straws are biodegradable. We use organic ingredients whenever we can get our hands on them and are pressing our vendors to offer more organic and natural products to restaurants in our area. We're proud of our Green efforts, it's true, but more than a brag fest this post is intended to point out something important I've learned about going Green: Don't worry about being perfect or doing it all at once. It's too overwelming to take on a 100% conversion from the outset, and faced with that proposition most of us would just bail and go conventional. DO WHAT YOU CAN. We're not "Green Certified" yet at Sublime, it takes time and money to accomplish that goal, but we're working on it a step at a time. Every little bit counts, and we all really can make a difference for our childrens' futures. So figure out what changes you can make at home or at work and stick with it. Our future is worth the effort.

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